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Club name Date Premium List
(or Judge names once approved)
Closing Date -
always at 9:00 pm Pacific Time
Online Entry Grooming & RV Schedule
Comox Valley Kennel Club June 8 - 10 Premium list May 22 closed Unofficial breed counts
Nanaimo Kennel Club June 13- 16 Premium list May 22 closed Unofficial breed counts
Vernon Kennel Club July 4-7 Premium list June 12 K9 Coordinator
Canadian Finnish Spitz Club -National July 6 Premium list June 12
Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers' Association July 10, 11 Premium list
Golden Retriever Club of Canada July 11 - 13 Judges: Ellen Harding Gloria Kerr; Obed & Rally Gail Wormington
Victoria City Kennel Club July 12 - 14 Premium list
Island Pacific Labrador Retriever Club July 13 Judge: Nancy Talbot
West Coast Island Shetland Sheepdog July 13 Judge: Kerry Lee
Weimaraner Association of Canada July 13 Judge Shellie Marshall
Vizsla Canada - National July 13 Judge: Gloria Kerr
RR Club of Canada July 13 Dayna Johnston
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of BC July 14 Judge: Kerry Lee
Sporting Dog Club of BC July 20 - 21 Judges: Sidney Marx, Louis Kruger, Carmen Haller
Pacific Kennel Club July 18 - 21 Judges: Sandra Alder Dawne Deeley Carmen Haller Jack Kilgour Louis Kruger Sidney Marx Marg Moran McQuinn Valerie Ramsay Laura Reeves Andrea Robins Bea Sawka Bo Skalin Pierre Talbot
Golden Retriever Club of BC July 19
Leonberger Club of Canada National July 19 Judge: Dawne Deeley
Canadian Association of Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers July 20 Judge: Bo Skalin
Pointer Club of Canada - National July 20th Judge: Louis Kruger
Western Great Dane Club of BC July 20, 21 Judges: Bo Skalin, Laura Munro, Margaret Chandler
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada - National July 20 Judge: Bo Skalin, Obed/Rally: Margaret Chandler
Whippet Club of BC July 26 Cindy Scott, CO
Lower Mainland Whippet Association July 26 Joseph Buchanan, PA
National Whippet Club of Canada National, Regional July 27, July 28 Molly Rule-Steele, AUSTRALIA, David Samuelson, MN
West Kootenay Kennel Club August 17 - 19
Golden Retriever Club of BC August 19 Judge: Laura Reeves
Mt. Cheam Canine Association Sept 26 - 29
Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of BC Sept 28 Judge: Todd Foley
Canadian National Australian Shepherd Assoc. - Regional Sept 28
Bulldog Club of Canada - National & Regional Sept 27, 28 Richard Truong, Marcy Dobson
Pomeranian Club of Canada National & Regional Sept 27, 29
Pomeranian Club of BC Sept 28
Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers October 10 - 13
Labrador Retriever Club of Canada October 11 Judge; Michael Lanctot
Poodle Specialty Club of BC October 11
BC Labrador Retriever Club October 12 Judge: Patricia Lanctot
Basenji Club of Canada - Regional October 12
Boston Terrier Club of Canada October 12 Judge: Thomas Alexander
Group 6 Specialty Club of BC October 12 Judge: Patricia Lanctot
Shetland Sheepdog Oct 12 Judge:Thomas Alexander
Dumbbell Obedience Club - Rally trials Oct 11 - 13
Elsie Murray Canine Centre Society Nov 8 - 10
Collie Club of BC Nov 9 & 10
Giant Schnauzer Canada Nov 9 & 10 Judges: Peggy Otero & Dawne Deeley
Nanaimo Kennel Club - Obedience & Rally Nov 16, 17
Dumbbell Obedience Club - Scent Detection November 23 & 24th
Winter Classic - Tyee & Nanaimo Kennel Clubs Nov 28 - Dec 1
The events/dates listed above are those that are either CKC approved, or are priority dates as held by the club.

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